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Moving to Australia? 10 things you should know.

Australia is massive and the distances between places is huge. Towns 3 or 4 hours away are considered just down the road. When you live here you will think nothing of spending a weekend in the Hunter or the Yarra wine-tasting or popping up to Daylesford, The Blue Mountains or Stradbroke for a weekend getaway. There are lots of other places to see too including The Barrier Reef, Uluru, Kakadu and Lord Howe Island just to name a few No one except Alf Stewart says “flamin galah” or “stone the crows” but Aussie’s do like to abbreviate things. You will be saying “arvo”, “barbie” and “Gday” before you know it. Breakfast is a thing. Australians like to meet and catch up over smashed avo on toast an


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