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10 Tips for Interview sucess

It is not only what you say at your interview that will help you land the job it is also very important to make a good first impression.

Below are some things to remember before your next interview.

  1. Be on time, nothing will stress you out more than running late for your interview. Make sure you schedule the interview so you will have enough time to get there and not rush. When you arrive aim to be calm, focused and ready to be your best.

  2. Your interview starts as soon as you enter the building. Your potential boss or interviewer could be in the lift with you. Project confidence, stay calm and focused and try and keep your eyes straight ahead and not down cast.When you exit the lift greet the receptionist in a warm and friendly manner. Be confident, the company has asked to meet you and you have nothing to be nervous about. Introduce yourself clearly stating your first and last name and also tell the receptionist who you are meeting. Do not be too early but aim to arrive no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled interview time.

  3. When the interviewers approach, stand up and greet the interviewers with a smile and a handshake. Look the person you are meeting in the eye and remember that no one likes a bone cruncher or a limp handshake. It is vital that you find a happy medium. If you are unsure, spend some time practicing with a friend or family member. If in doubt err on the side of strong and firm. Remember a handshake bookends your interview and projects confidence so it’s important to get it right.

  4. When walking to the interview room, follow your interview or walk along side them (if there is room).Let them show you the way and do not lead them into the room.

  5. Remember that eye contact is very important, it shows confidence but make sure you do not stare which can be a little intimidating. Try looking at your interviewers whole face and remember to blink

  6. Body language is very important and try and sit up straight and try and look interested. Be engaged, smile and nod when others are talking.

  7. Fidgeting is sometimes inevitable. Try and project calmness and confidence and stay as still and composed as you can.

  8. Remember that your interviewers want to like you, they wouldn’t be sitting across from you if they didn’t. Your interviewers are keen to hire someone and that person may as well be you. Your interviewer may not have had a lot of experience interviewing before and they may also be nervous, adapt your style to suit there’s and mirror their body language and tone as appropriate.

  9. Note- whilst the interview is very important for you, your interviewers may have had a busy day and may be late, may be rushed and may not be as prepared as you would expect or like. The interview process is a two way street and if you don't feel that you fit with your interviewers it is ok and you can chalk it up to experience.

  10. Whatever happens, remember to take the positives out of the meeting and do try and get some constructive feedback so you can do better next time. Kathryn Parry at Kensington Parry can help you get it right. If you would like to discuss this article please call her on 0413 823 687

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