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Happy Birthday Kensington Parry!

Two years ago today, Kensington Parry incorporated. It feels like cause for celebration. We opened for trading in my spare room in early October 2017. In the beginning I would wonder if my phone would ring, if I would have a business and if I had made a very big mistake hanging up my own shingle. The hours were long, the uncertainty terrifying but I can with confidence say, changing jobs was for me the very best thing (aside from meeting my hubby) that has ever happened in my life. The time since has been really exciting and challenging but I don't think I would change a thing. Since opening Kensington Parry I have learnt more about myself, recruitment, people, business, and law than in any

Are you looking for a legal role with partnership prospects in Australia? 6 things you should know.

1. Unless you have a book of business to bring to your next role, chances are you will be moving as a Senior Associate, Special Counsel or Counsel. 2. The time to partnership after moving roles will likely be at least 2 years but more likely 3 (at the very minimum). Once you have a certain level of experience, it won’t matter precisely how senior you are, the timing of elevation to partnership is likely going to be the same after a move. So if you move at 9 or 10 PQE or 12 or 13 PQE all things being even, the time it takes to be promoted will be the same as it will take your new firm a while to get to know you, and it takes you time to build your practice. So if you have more than 8, 9 or 10


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