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Making an overseas move in 2021? 10 things for you to think about and do now!

If you are thinking of an international move in 2021, here are 10 things you should be thinking about and doing now. 1.  Your level is important. By and large lawyers need a bare minimum of 2 years’ experience in Australia to secure a role overseas but better to have 2.5 or 3 years’ experience. Whilst it is theoretically possible to get a role with 2 years’ experience it is unlikely especially in a difficult market, a much better level to start considering things is when you have 3 or 4 years working at a firm due to the difference in qualification systems across jurisdictions. 2. The firm that you work at matters. If you are working at a firm that isn’t internationally recognised securing a

5 Things you didn't know about legal recruitment.

Not all roles have jobs specs - I wish they did. I am often asked for job specs by prospective candidates and sadly many of my clients don’t provide them. HR or the recruiting partner may give agents a one line brief only e.g. ‘find me someone at x level’. Agents use our deep understanding of a client and their likes and dislikes to fill in the blanks. When considering a role, I always recommend a prospective candidate reviews a partner’s online profile as they can give a good insight into the work that is currently being undertaken by a practice. Job specs are only a guide - On the occasions when I have been provided a job spec, they should be used only as a guide as opposed to a concrete w


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