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My 3 ultimate tips for interview success

At any interview every question can broadly be divided to 3 categories, master and prepare for questions in these areas and you are one step closer to landing your dream role. Technical ability- Your interviewers will want to know that you can do the job. It is critical that you display that you have the skills required to do what they need a new hire to do. Before the interview brush up on your Cv, familiarise yourself with what you have said you have done, read relevant journal and news articles, search the firm’s Twitter or LinkedIn and see what they are doing in the space and review the deals or matters you have worked on so that you can speak to them with clarity and purpose. Expect and

5 common questions Kiwi Lawyers ask when moving across the ditch.

1.Will my qualifications be recognised? Yes, due to the Trans Tasman mutual recognition scheme your legal admission in New Zealand will be recognised in Australia. For more information visit the NZ Law Society or the relevant State of Australia you wish to join's admission body. 2. Is my experience relevant? Typically yes. New Zealand experience is highly valued and very transferable to the Australian legal market. New Zealand qualified lawyers rarely get their PQE discounted. The most in demand areas are transactional and encompass banking, corporate, funds, competition and projects. Property lawyers are


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