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9 Things to remember when writing your CV.

Your CV is a dynamic document that will change as you advance in your career, gain professional experience and acquire new interests. Creating an effective CV is the critical first step in your job search. 9 things to keep in mind when drafting your CV. 1. Your CV is your own personal marketing document. The purpose of a CV is to get you an interview and the audience is both the hiring manager/Partner and the HR professional. Your CV needs to be written so it appeals to both audiences without legal experience (ie HR and recruiters who don’t have a legal background) as well as Partners and legal experts. 2. Your CV will likely provide the framework of your interview with many interviewers usi

5 tips to help you find a legal role when you have less than 2 PQE.

If you have been looking for a role as a lawyer, you will have noticed that most adverts seek applicants with more than 2 PQE. This is because most firms that engage agencies have their own graduates which go through set training programs/ rotations. In practice this means that most major law firms do not look externally for talent that has less experience than their own graduates. Opportunities do exist but you may need to seek them out. Here are my best tips on securing a role when you have less than 2 PQE. 1. Apply to roles directly. In the most cases this will allow you to have the best chance of success. Unless there are special circumstances top tier, global and mid tier law firms do n


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