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5 Reasons to Make the Move Overseas.

If working overseas is something you have always wanted to do, there has never been a better time to make the move. The legal sector is very busy across a variety of global markets. With the low cost of travel, and social media to help you stay connected, a move to the other side of the world or a jump across the Tasman wont seem so far away. Here are five reasons why this should be your year to make a move overseas: 1. Step up to a bigger city. Being part of a larger legal market means you will get to work on bigger deals and larger transactions. A move overseas will allow you access to a broader range of high value work in a larger team than you may have worked before and being exposed to

10 Reasons to use a recruitment expert

Ever wondered why you should use a recruiter? Here are 10 reasons to use a recruitment expert next time you are looking for a role. 1. Market intel. Not sure who is who? Your recruitment consultant should know the market and will be able to tell you who is doing what in the area that you wish to work in. Your agent will know the personalities of those that are recruiting and should also be able to tell you about any trends they are seeing in the broader market. This knowledge should help you make targeted and educated approaches and it should make it easier for you decide on where you wish to work. 2. Off market opportunities. Recruitment consultants may know of roles that are not open to th


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