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Some thoughts on Leadership.

It is no secret that happy, high performing teams need quality leadership. Organisations that have depth in leadership are likely to be more successful. To have depth in leadership, all individuals within an organisation should be able to understand and identify what type of behaviours demonstrate good leadership. If organisational success can be linked to leadership, how then do people become better leaders? I wish there was an easy, one size fits all answer to this as if I did know what it was, I would likely be retired and spending my days in the Caribbean. What I do know is that Leadership is contextual, what works in one situation or organisation may not work in another. McKinsey define

9 reasons why your recruiter is your secret weapon.

When it comes to your career and the competitive minefield that is the legal industry any advantage can make the difference between landing your dream role or settling for something less Whenever I speak to a candidate and they tell me they have submitted their CV through a friend or even applied directly, my heart sinks. Not because I am missing out on submitting a candidate for a role but because I know that they may have inadvertently “shot themselves in the foot,” before they have even started a recruitment process. Here are 9 reasons why using an agent is your best secret weapon We can Negotiate for you and get you the Best Possible Package. Working with law firms is what we live and br


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