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So you want to go overseas?

If you are thinking of an international move in the next 12-18 months, here are 6 things you should be thinking about now. 1- Your level is important. By and large lawyers need a bare minimum of 2 years’ experience in Australia to secure a role overseas, and so whilst it is theoretically possible to get a role at 2 PQE it is quite unlikely, a much better level to make the move is 3 or 4 PQE due to the difference in qualification systems across jurisdictions. 2- The firm that you work at matters. If you are working at a firm that isn’t internationally recognised securing a role before you leave Australia might be difficult. Position yourself to get a role overseas from Australia by working

So you want to be a Partner?

5 things to think about doing on the road to Partnership. With the holiday season fast approaching it is a good time to take stock of the year that has been and plan for your future. If making Partner is somewhere on the list, depending on your level it might be worth considering doing some or all of the following over the break: 1- Opposition research- Have a look at your market. Who are the key players? How has this changed over time? Are there any trends to be aware of? Who is your competition? How are they positioned? How do they market themselves? What is their USP? How are they supported? How do they go about winning business? Now taking this information into account- what opportunitie


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