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5 Reasons Why Lawyers Change Roles

As an experienced legal recruiter, I have met a lot of lawyers. Usually we speak when they (the lawyer) are considering a new role. My first question is normally why? I have found during these discussions that the motivation for leaving is usually some variation or combination of the following: 1. The Manager- yep the adage that people don’t leave companies is true. I meet people who tell me that they don’t like their current supervising Partner all the time. I have heard every possible thing you could imagine. From bosses being called bad lawyers, bad people managers, difficult, challenging, lazy, mean, disorganised, too angry, stressed out etc. Other people dedicate their lives to learning

Want a new job in the New Year? Now is the time to start looking.

I often get asked when is the best time is to look for a role and the best way to answer that question is to know when do you want to be settled in your new job. If the answer to that is early next year, the best time to start looking for that position is now. Firms and companies typically hire in October/ November for a late January/ February start. Many people come back from Christmas break eager to start looking for a new role and are disappointed to find out that not only is recruitment in Australia very quiet until around Australia Day (when Partners and key decision makers return from long summer breaks), it is also the most competitive time to look for position. When you factor in tha


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