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10 Tips for Interview sucess

It is not only what you say at your interview that will help you land the job it is also very important to make a good first impression. Below are some things to remember before your next interview. Be on time, nothing will stress you out more than running late for your interview. Make sure you schedule the interview so you will have enough time to get there and not rush. When you arrive aim to be calm, focused and ready to be your best. Your interview starts as soon as you enter the building. Your potential boss or interviewer could be in the lift with you. Project confidence, stay calm and focused and try and keep your eyes straight ahead and not down cast.When you exit the lift greet the

Help- I have more than 1 job offer.

So you have attended lots of interviews and have been put through your paces, you have cast a wide net and secured multiple offers of employment. Congratulations. Now it is important that you handle the situation with care as the world of law is incredibly small. What should you do when you get more than one offer? Get your offers in writing. It may seem obvious but before acting on any specific offer, it is important that you get things in writing. If a company wants to offer you a job they should have no problem putting a contract together for you to review before accepting. Pay particular attention to when the offer has to be accepted by as most offers often have a clear expiry date on t


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