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10 Reasons to use a recruitment expert

Ever wondered why you should use a recruiter? Here are 10 reasons to use a recruitment expert next time you are looking for a role.

1. Market intel. Not sure who is who? Your recruitment consultant should know the market and will be able to tell you who is doing what in the area that you wish to work in. Your agent will know the personalities of those that are recruiting and should also be able to tell you about any trends they are seeing in the broader market. This knowledge should help you make targeted and educated approaches and it should make it easier for you decide on where you wish to work.

2. Off market opportunities. Recruitment consultants may know of roles that are not open to the general public. Often organisations brief preferred agents on positions that are not out in the market. By registering with an agent that is preferred by the company you wish to work at, you might get a heads up on a position that you might have otherwise missed.

3. Market coverage. Using an agent allows you to cover the market in ways that may not have been possible without one. Recruiters work with large numbers of organisations and if you wish to apply to roles at more than one place, they can generally facilitate this easily and efficiently so you do not have to write 10 cover letters.

4. CV advice. Not sure how to draft a CV? Know what to include or what to take out? Your recruiter will take the time to go over your CV and make sure that all the essentials are listed in a format that will be preferred by the intended audience, heightening your chance of securing an interview.

5. Interview tips. Recruiters should be able to give you the inside scoop on what an interview will be like. Your agent should be able to run through some of the questions they expect will be asked during the meeting. They should also discuss with you some ways of handling any tricky questions that may come up (i.e. why you are looking for a role or what about the company appeals specifically).

6. Follow Up. Part of a recruiter's role is to follow up, sometimes a lot. Recruiters are not embarrassed by following up, so whilst it may be awkward for an individual to chase up feedback it falls squarely in a recruiter's job description to do so.

7. Negotiate salary. Find a discussion about money uncouth or crass? Your agent will be used to having discussions around salaries and they will be an expert negotiator. The use of an agent will maximise your chances of securing an offer at the top of a salary band without you having to have any complicated conversations with your potential new employer.

8. Handle multiple offers. After applying for multiple roles you may receive multiple offers. Using an agent can help you manage your processes so that they run in sync and that all parties are kept up to speed on your progress at other organisations and handle the timing of any subsequent offers you receive.

9. Assist your resignation. An agent should be able to talk you through the process, be a sounding board and help make the process less stressful.

10. Onboarding. After you have accepted a role and before you start, your recruiter will be available to discuss any questions about the organisations onboarding process and procedures.

Now you know why you need to use a recruitment expert, contact Kensington Parry at+61 413 823 687 or drop me an email for a confidential discussion about active vacancies in your area both here in Australia or further afield.

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