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5 Reasons to Make the Move Overseas.

If working overseas is something you have always wanted to do, there has never been a better time to make the move. The legal sector is very busy across a variety of global markets. With the low cost of travel, and social media to help you stay connected, a move to the other side of the world or a jump across the Tasman wont seem so far away.

Here are five reasons why this should be your year to make a move overseas:

1. Step up to a bigger city.

Being part of a larger legal market means you will get to work on bigger deals and larger transactions. A move overseas will allow you access to a broader range of high value work in a larger team than you may have worked before and being exposed to this work will assist you to become the best lawyer that you can be.

2. Work with a diverse range of people from all over the world.

When you work in another country will you will work alongside people from around the globe. It will be a great opportunity to develop your networks and form relationships with people from a truly diverse background.

3. Cash in on a higher salary.

Salaries for lawyers can vary dramatically depending on which part of the world that you are in. Some jurisdictions can offer tax free living or a dramatically reduced tax bracket than you would have at home which will allow you to have a higher quality of life than you might have. Alongside an uplift, some lawyers making an international move will also receive relocation assistance to help cover the costs associated with the move.

4.Find something new to do on the weekend.

After making the move, there will be new restaurants to try cafes to visit as well as weekend actives you may have only previously dreamt of, like snorkelling in the Caribbean or strolling through Paris.

5. When you come home your experience will be valued.

If after spending a few years living and working internationally you decide to return home, you will be really employable.

We are currently working on multiple vacancies in London, New York the Caribbean, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, China and Australia. For more information or a confidential chat about making a move overseas please reach out at any time at

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