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5 things to do this end of financial year.

Just because we don’t celebrate end of financial year (EOFY) like we do New Years Eve (NYE) doesn’t mean it isn’t worth celebrating. Even though there isn't fireworks, doesn’t mean we should let the passage of time go unmarked. Aside from the deadlines and extra work that this time of year brings, EOFY is a milestone and milestones are worth remembering. The weeks leading up to and immediately thereafter pose a good time to reflect on all of your professional achievements. Here are some ideas of how you can get the most out of the time.

  1. Write a list of your career goals. Whilst not as sexy as a resolution, using EOFY as a career marking point and as a time to plan what you want to be doing over the coming months and years is a good idea. If you have done a similar exercise around the end of the calendar year, pull the list out and see how you are tracking and what you still have to tick off. Use EOFY as a mid-year motivator.

  2. A goal is a very good thing but a plan to achieve one is even better. Start thinking and planning on how you will achieve the goals on your list. Let your action plan be your personal success map. Thinking about the practicalities will help anchor the list and force to you to be realistic. It is one thing to have the goal of working on Wall Street but you may find that to achieve your goals you may have to do some certain and very specific things like undertake further study, change the mix of work you currently do and you might find that you need to speak to a recruiter 😊.

  3. Take some time out to celebrate your successes and reward yourself. Sometimes it isn’t until you set aside time to reflect that it becomes apparent how far you have come and how much you have achieved. Your celebration may come in a variety of forms- it may mean giving yourself a day off, taking an hour out to have a massage, it could be buying yourself a small present or drinking a glass of fizz- whatever celebration means to you, do it, you deserve it!

  4. Schedule a time to catch up with your mentor (if you haven’t already). If you don’t have a mentor, identify someone in your network that you like, know and trust and ask them what they think about your goals. Do not be afraid to do this. If you ask someone for help or even just to give an opinion on something, from my experience it is a rare thing for that someone to say no, in-fact I think it is harder for someone to say no than yes. Be patient, mentors are often busy people especially at EOFY.

  5. Finally, update your CV. It is always good to have a CV on hand that is up to date, in case that dream role pops up (for those of us not currently in our dream roles). Use the period of reflection to jot down a couple of bullet points on your CV (you can polish it later), so that should an opportunity present it, you are ready to take the plunge.

For more ideas of what to do this EOFY, or if your list of goals has you in need of a legal recruiter reach out at or give me a call at 0413 823 687

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