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My 3 ultimate tips for interview success

At any interview every question can broadly be divided to 3 categories, master and prepare for questions in these areas and you are one step closer to landing your dream role.

  1. Technical ability- Your interviewers will want to know that you can do the job. It is critical that you display that you have the skills required to do what they need a new hire to do. Before the interview brush up on your Cv, familiarise yourself with what you have said you have done, read relevant journal and news articles, search the firm’s Twitter or LinkedIn and see what they are doing in the space and review the deals or matters you have worked on so that you can speak to them with clarity and purpose. Expect and prepare for your interviewer to spend quite some time going into a fair amount of detail about the work you have done.

  2. Personality/ Fit- Your interviewers will want to get to know you and see if you are someone who will work well in their existing team. Expect them to ask questions in a bid to get a better sense of who you are and what you are like when you are at work. They will be assessing your personality so it is always my advice for candidates to present their best selves and be as easy going, relaxed and personable as you can possibly be and avoid displaying any characteristics that could wrongly be interpreted as diva or difficult.

  3. The client perspective- Finally your interviewers will be trying to get a sense of what you are like with clients and if you would be someone that their clients would warm to and like. They will be trying to asses how you would cope in a difficult situation in case a client throws you a curly question or if you are sent to a last minute meeting with out time to prepare so remember to stay calm under pressure, take your time and do your best.

That’s it. Prepare for questions that will delve into these three areas and interview success is only a meeting away.

For more information on preparing for interview or if you are seeking a new legal role and you want to speak to a legal recruitment expert contact me at

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