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Time to make your own Singapore Sling?

Are you looking to to make a move overseas in 2019? Have you considered Asia? Making the move to Asia and Singapore specifically will allow you to gain experience in a leading financial market, whilst enjoying the adventure of living and working in a new country.

Why Singapore?

Singapore is an attractive destination for many lawyers as it is one of the leading financial cities of the world, and is one of the key financial centres in South East Asia. It is a destination that offers both challenging and complex legal work and is a great place for lawyers with families as it offers an enviable lifestyle. With many top international law firms having set up offices in the region, there is some very high quality international work undertaken.

Outside of work

If you are looking for something to do outside of work, Singapore has a great restaurant scene, excellent attractions including the wonderful gardens by bay, it also has lots of shops to keep you occupied, and keep you cool. Singapore's strategic location in the heart of South East Asia also make it a great hub to explore nearby countries including Thailand, Vietnam, China and Indonesia and given half of Singapore’s population are foreign born, there is a real close knit expatriate community feel.

What area of law is the best to practice in Singapore?

The most popular practice areas are Banking (Project/Asset/ Leveraged Finance), Projects and Corporate M&A. The establishment of the Singapore International Commercial Court has also resulted in a steady increase in the need for lawyers with international arbitration experience as it is fast becoming one of the leading arbitration centres of the world.

Transitioning to practice.

In terms of making the transition, both Australia and Singapore operate under common law. Unless you wish to practice local law, you will not have to re-qualify and you may be able to practice as a Foreign Qualified Lawyer.

How to a get ahead of the competition?

There is always room for exceptional lawyers to move to Singapore; however you are likely to have more success if you have:

  1. At least three years’ experience at an international or top tier law firm in Australia or New Zealand.

  2. Strong academic background.

  3. A commitment to living and working in Singapore

  4. Have visited before and or have some friends/ contacts in the region.

If you are considering making a move to Singapore in 2019, Kensington Parry are actively recruiting in the region. Email or call +61 413 823 687 for a confidential discussion.

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