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Are you looking for a legal role with partnership prospects in Australia? 6 things you should know.

1. Unless you have a book of business to bring to your next role, chances are you will be moving as a Senior Associate, Special Counsel or Counsel.

2. The time to partnership after moving roles will likely be at least 2 years but more likely 3 (at the very minimum). Once you have a certain level of experience, it won’t matter precisely how senior you are, the timing of elevation to partnership is likely going to be the same after a move. So if you move at 9 or 10 PQE or 12 or 13 PQE all things being even, the time it takes to be promoted will be the same as it will take your new firm a while to get to know you, and it takes you time to build your practice. So if you have more than 8, 9 or 10 PQE and you are looking for a position with a track to Partner … the sooner you position yourself in the right firm/team the sooner you will be elevated. This counts especially for those overseas returning home or considering staying away longer. Whilst there is always an argument that the work you are doing internationally is bigger, better or more complex than what you would do in Australia, staying away an extra year or two only delays partnership a year or two and the fact the work you have done is bigger, better or more complex is largely irrelevant when it comes to the speed it takes for you to progress in Australia as it takes time to build your networks and your business case.

3. Any role for a mid-level Senior Associate upwards can be considered a role with potential. If moving from Mid Senior Assoicate onwards (ie 8/9 PQE) you should be thinking about your path and what you will do to achieve your goals and discussing this at interview. Most firms will discuss their growth strategy for particular departments with people who are looking at mid level to senior SA positions upwards (so don't be afraid to ask, it is very important).

4. Roles with clearly defined accelerated paths are rare and they are very popular, if you see one advertised by me or someone else, or if someone gets in touch with you about something like this, act fast, they don't tend to hang around long.

5. If you do have a practice and you are currently at a SA/ SC at a top tier or global firm you may need to move down a tier to be promoted to Partner straight away as moving from SC/ SA directly into a lateral partner role at a like for like firm is not overly common (although there are always exceptions and nothing is impossible😊).

6. Location matters, the time to progress can vary between states and certain practice areas are more in demand in some cities than in others. If partnership is on your mind and you want to know where you would have the best chance geographically within Australia, reach out, we are always happy to chat.

To discuss opportunities within the Australia legal market, call us at anytime

+61 413 823 687.

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