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7 reasons why now is a good time to consider your options.

Think that now isn’t the right time to consider your options? Here are 7 reasons why you should look for a role in 2020.

1. Any role that is active and advertised now is likely to be a business-critical role. Firms are more aware than ever of their spend and for any role to get sign off and approval to recruit means that there is likely to be a very real, defined need to hire.

2. Some practice areas are counter-cyclical. This means that the number of opportunities and roles increase in some practice areas. 2020 may be the best time to look for a role if you are a lawyer with Projects, Infrastructure, Litigation, Insurance, Banking, Restructuring or Insolvency experience.

3. Some opportunities are unique and they don’t appear often – whilst timing may be everything, sometimes a role can come up when you least expect it and if you don’t put your hat in the ring now, you may actually kick yourself down the track.

4. Some firms see this as a great time to invest in their practice and recruit candidates in areas that are typically talent-short and hard to secure people in as there is less competition for talent.

5. Working from home may mean you have more flexibility to speak with an agent and get a market update or attend interview. With most meetings happening via skype or zoom your ability to see what is out there and speak to people is easier than ever before.

6. The competition for roles from your peers may be at an all-time low, with some people being cautious to look at the market your prospect of success in securing an interview or a role may be higher than it typically would.

7. The impact of the Corona virus on law firms is still uncertain. We may see some form of repositioning. Some firms will thrive as they were better placed to deal with the new realities business face. It is worth finding the firm that allows you to better position yourself and the best platform to reach your own career goals. It may be that this place is your current firm, or it may be that another firm operating in your practice area has adapted quicker to the challenges of a post-covid economy.

If you want to discuss the market, or learn about some of the opportunities we are actively working on, contact me on +61 413 823 687 or email

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