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5 common questions Kiwi Lawyers ask when moving across the ditch.

1.Will my qualifications be recognised?

Yes, due to the Trans Tasman mutual recognition scheme your legal admission in New Zealand will be recognised in Australia. For more information visit the NZ Law Society or the relevant State of Australia you wish to join's admission body.

2. Is my experience relevant?

Typically yes. New Zealand experience is highly valued and very transferable to the Australian legal market. New Zealand qualified lawyers rarely get their PQE discounted. The most in demand areas are transactional and encompass banking, corporate, funds, competition and projects. Property lawyers are often of interest to firms in Australia as are strong litigators with top tier experience given the current talent shortage. Areas where it is harder to make the move include anything that is highly regulated or specific to a jurisdiction so think of Employment, Environment and Planning etc.

3. What are salaries like in Aussie?

Salaries vary across states and territories within Australia but it is likely that you will get a significant uplift from what you are on in NZ by moving to Australia. It isn’t uncommon for NZ qualified lawyers to get packages that include relocation to assist make the move across the ditch as seamless and easy as possible. For more information on salaries request a copy of our salary guide by visiting our website

4. How is the Australia Legal market structured?

Like the New Zealand legal market, the Australian market is multi-faceted. When moving from New Zealand it is likely you will look at joining one of the global law firms, the traditional top tier and or a national Australian firm as it is these bigger firms that will have the most experience in recruiting New Zealand trained lawyers.

5. Is the Australian market a stepping stone to Asia, the USA or London?

The short answer is yes. Many lawyers from New Zealand move to Australia at a junior level to get exposure to bigger deals before making the move to another jurisdiction later in their career. Time spent in Australia is highly valued by global law firms outside Australia and with a high ratio of global players within the Australian market, a move across the ditch may see you join a global firm that will assist you make the transition further afield later in your career.

For more information on moving to Australia from New Zealand or if you would like to discuss specific legal vacancies that exist within Australia contact Kensington Parry at today or visit our website

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