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6 reasons to change jobs in 2019

  1. Choice. Rarely in the recruitment cycle do we see so many opportunities available for lawyers to change roles. When there are lots of opportunities and few candidates you will have a lot of choice. In a market as hot as 2019 is shaping up to be you should have the ability to take your time and find the role that ticks every box.

  2. Step up. There is currently scope for lawyers with at least 2 years’ experience to take a step up to firms that may have previously felt out of reach. Have you always dreamt about at a global firm? Perhaps a top tier or a leading boutique is more your style? Have you seen a particular partner impress you or a team on the other side of a transaction that really blew your socks of but you didn't think they would look at you? Chances are in a market like we are seeing now in Australia that the firm and team may well be recruiting. This market may present you with the very best chance you will have to make the move you have dreamt of and perhaps even self selected out of previously.

  3. Relocate. In a busy Australian market, we have opportunities Australia wide that are open to people from other cities to relocate to (available for those both within Australia and further afield). Firms will usually assist with relocation costs and many will sponsor foreign qualified lawyers with at least 4 years’ experience.

  4. The future. A busy market is a great chance for you to lay the foundation for the future. Is your long term dream to go in house? Are you thinking of moving to New York, London or Asia down the track. If your future does involve one of these things, it is important to position yourself now to insulate against market forces and give yourself the best chance of realising any long held dream.

  5. Work-life balance. Overworked in 2018? Take advantage of a busy market and use 2019 to find the role that suits you in a firm that can offer better work life or a flexible working option that suits you better.

  6. Cash. Are you stuck in a pay rut? Have your friends received big increases over the last few years and you haven’t? A busy market should see you attract a premium package as firms find it difficult to secure talent.

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